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DM100® Digital Mailing System (Model P700)

How do I contact customer support?

Call 1-800-522-0020 for technical support, to order supplies, for help with your invoice or statement, and for information about postage funds in your account. Or, visit www.pitneyworks.com/welcomeDM100 for helpful information about your meter.

Is my meter a DM100i™ or a P700?

Both. The product name for your meter is the DM100i™, and the model number is P700.

My meter is running out of postage . . . What do I do?

You need to do a "Postage Refill". That's a fancy term for moving postage from your account into your meter. Once set up, your meter is automatically linked to your account, so you can access postage instantly.

Does my meter need to be connected to a phone line at all times?

No! Keep your meter plugged, unplugged - whatever works best for you. Your meter only needs to be connected to the phone line when you want to do a "Postage Refill". This process takes less than a minute so there's no need to have a dedicated phone line for your meter. Your meter can also use a Wireless Phone Jack. We have them in stock through our Supply Line (Item number 943-9).

How often do I need to add postage to my meter?

You will need to set up a payment method for future postage, after your initial deposit has been used. You have two options:

Your monthly rental will be billed quarterly with an invoice.

What is the most convenient way to pay for postage?

The easiest way to pay for postage is to switch to our Purchase Power account. There is no fee for signing up and it gives you access to postage without having to pre-pay. Once enrolled, you follow the "Postage Refill" process and we will bill you later for the postage you used. It's easy and convenient! To enroll in Purchase Power, call 1-800-243-7800.

What does it mean when the display screen reads "inspection due" or "inspection required"?

"Inspection" means that the U.S. Postal Service needs to check your meter. They require that all postage meters be "inspected" on a regular basis. This is done over the phone automatically whenever you do a "Postage Refill." This message will only be displayed if you haven't done a "Postage Refill" in over 90 days.
If an INSPECTION REQUIRED message is displayed on your machine and you do not need to add postage, plug the phone line in and press the FUNDS button, then CHECK AMT AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD. Your machine will be "Inspected". Once the amount is displayed, press CLEAR/BACK and return to main screen.

Why does my meter say "Enter Destination"?

When you have mail that is over 13 ounces, the USPS charges by weight and distance. You will need to enter the destination zip code or zone. This will ensure your package has the correct amount of postage for the class of mail you have selected. You can find a zone chart at www.pitneyworks.com/welcomeDM100.

When do I need to change the ink cartridge?

Order a new ink cartridge when you see the Low Ink Warning. Replace the ink cartridge when you see Ink Out. Once you are out of ink, you will not be able to print until you replace the ink cartridge. To place your order, call the PB Supply Line™ at 1-800-243-7824. The reorder number is 793-5.

Can I use my meter to apply postage to oversized envelopes and packages?

Yes, we have provided you with a starter pack of "tape sheets". Simply key in the amount of postage you need and insert a tape sheet into the meter. The postage will be printed on this self-adhesive label and then you can stick it on oversized envelopes, small packages... even large boxes. You can weigh packages up to 2, 5, or 10 pounds - depending on which scale you ordered with your meter.

What types of tracking and USPS confirmation services are available with my meter?

With your meter you can use many features including insured mail, COD, registered mail, return receipt for merchandise, merchandise return, and special handling.
Follow these easy steps to use one of the services:

What are the low funds and high value warning amounts?

These warnings are designed so that when your postage funds drop below a certain level, or if you try to enter too much postage for a piece of mail, the system displays a warning. You can customize these warning value amounts. Refer to the user's manual for information on how to do so.

Can I keep track of my meter usage?

Yes! Your system allows you to print reports for funds usage, postage refills, postage tracked by account, and other valuable data. You can print these reports right from your machine on an envelope or tape sheet. The reports are accessed by pressing Reports.

Are there any additional services I can get with my meter?

Yes you can add on the following services, if you do not have them already:

Call (800) 522-0020 to learn more about these additional service options.

What are some supplies that I can purchase for my meter?

Here are some items that you can buy for your meter.
Item Name and Number:

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